River Runner 590-19113

River Runner 590-19113

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  • Lengte
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Transom Height
  • Weight (Boat Only)
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Stiffeners
  • Max hp
  • Max Engine Mass
  • Painting
  • Max Depth
  • Mass - Total Loading
  • Bimini
  • Drink Holder
  • Transom Step

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Lengte: 5.90M
Beam: 2.16M
Beam - bottom: 1.80M
Transom Height: 51cm
Weight (Boat Only): 468kg
Bottom Plate: 3.0mm
Side Plate: 2.0mm
Transom Plate: 3.0mm
Gunwale: 77.0mm
Stiffeners: 40.0mm
Max hp: 90hp
Max Engine Mass: 165kg
Max Depth: 73cm
Mass - Total Loading: 973kg
Drink Holder: x8

Introducing the Absolute Aquatic Artistry - The River Runner 590-19113

The River Runner 590-19113 is not your average boat. It's an astonishing aquatic marvel. Boasting an impressive length of 5.90 meters and a beaming width of 2.16 meters, it expands sea skimming adventures beyond the usual horizons. Imagine the liberty of maneuvering the sparkling seas with a grand-bottom beam stretching to a respectable 1.80 meters - this boat is engineered for stability and balance.

Capability and Versatility

This nautic masterpiece is gifted with a transom height of 51cm - adding another notch of superiority to its aerodynamical prowess while the boat alone weighs in at a solid but yet perfectly balanced 468kg. Let's talk strength - the River Runner's bottom plate, side plate and transom plate, each measure 3.0mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm respectively. It's tough and ready to take on the waves! To extend its resilience, it has 77.0mm gunwales and 40.0mm stiffeners ready to endure the ruggedness of any aquatic journey.

Power, Performance and Load Capacity

Combined with a mighty horsepower capacity of up to 90hp, the maximum engine mass reaches 165kg making any sea expedition a breeze. The River Runner also stands as a strong supporter for your sea exploration by comfortably loading up to a mass of 973kg. Accompanied with a maximum depth reach of 73cm, making it the perfect companion for sea explorers.

Advances and Accessories

Let's sprinkle in a bit of sophistication along with vitality - the River Runner 590-19113 does not compromise on elegance. Enhancing its exquisite design, it comes with an optional bimini to shade your sunny rides. Painting options too are tailored to suit your preferences, it's all about making it more YOU.

Social gatherings at sea? No worries! The River Runner is fitted with up to eight drink holders. And just when you thought we're done with the surprises, there's more. The hallmark of convenience, a transom step is optionally available to make your onboard-offs an experience to cherish.

The River Runner 590-19113 is not just a boat, but a ambitious portal to sea faring adventures.


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