Angler 330-19111

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€ 1.00

  • Length
  • Beam
  • Transom Height
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Max hp
  • Max Engine Mass
  • Painting
  • Max Depth
  • Weight(Boat Only)
  • Beam-bottom
  • Ladder
  • Mass - Total Loading
  • Front (bow to mid bench)
  • Mid (mid to rear bench)
  • Rear (rear bench to transom)

This combination does not exist.

Length: 3.30M
Beam: 1.16M
Transom Height: 38cm
Bottom Plate: 1.4mm
Side Plate: 1.4mm
Transom Plate: 2.0mm
Gunwale: 45.0mm
Max hp: 6hp
Max Engine Mass: 19kg
Max Depth: 42cm
Weight(Boat Only): 46kg
Beam-bottom: 0.96M
Mass - Total Loading: 239kg

Angler 330-19111: Quality and Craftmanship Combined

Imagine a vessel over three meters in length, engineered for precision. Its length permits easy navigation, while contributing significantly to its inherent stability. The Angler 330-19111 is this, and so much more.

This unique watercraft sports a beam of just over a meter, ensuring the perfect balance of maneuverability and stability. With a transom height of thirty-eight centimeters, every wave, ripple, and current is within your grasp. The bottom and side plates, crafted from 1.4mm material, secure this boat's durability and resilience. Even more impressive is the sturdier 2mm thick transom plate that endures the pressures of every aquatic adventure, and the imposing 45mm gunwale offering an added layer of structural integrity.

The Angler 330-19111 can accommodate a 6hp engine — the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency. The engine mass can be up to 19 kilograms, providing a harmonious marriage of strength and portability. As for aesthetics, buyers are spoilt with a choice between a painted finish that boasts style, or a natural finish that screams rawness and power.

This seacraft is not just all about power and appearance. Behind the sleek design hides a surprising depth of 42 centimeters, an ideal setting for leisurely fishing or adrenaline-pumping water sports. Despite boasting expansive space and durability, this water-bound marvel weighs a mere 46 kilograms, optimizing ease and maneuverability.

Maximizing the space to a beam-bottom size of 0.96 meters, options for ladder customization are available, tailoring to every user's preference. Speaking of customization, the front, the mid, and the rear sections can be altered to suit the driver's needs, promising an unforgettable sailing experience.

All these attributes contribute to an impressive total weight loading capacity of 239 kilograms. Thus, the Angler 330-19111 is more than just a boat - it is an expression of unyielding strength, avant-garde design, and the ultimate maritime luxury.


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