Catch 365-19111

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  • Length
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Depth of Hull
  • Transom Height
  • Weight (Boat Only)
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Stiffeners
  • Max hp
  • Max Engine Mass
  • Max Mass
  • Painting

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Length: 3.60M
Beam: 1.44M
Beam - bottom: 1.00M
Depth of Hull: 64cm
Transom Height: 38cm
Weight (Boat Only): 70kg
Bottom Plate: 1.6mm
Side Plate: 1.6mm
Transom Plate: 2.0mm
Gunwale: 40.0mm
Stiffeners: 30.0mm
Max hp: 15hp
Max Engine Mass: 54kg
Max Mass: 411kg

Discover the Catch 365-19111

Catch 365-19111

The Catch 365-19111 is not your average watercraft. With a total length of 3.60 meters, this beauty is designed for ultimate seaworthiness. Its beam measures at 1.44 meters, giving you ample room to move around while its bottom beam is at a comfortable 1.00 meter.

The Catch 365-19111 has an impressive hull depth of 64 cm, promising stability and safety in various water conditions. Its transom height of 38 cm makes for easy stepping in and out of the boat. Despite its sturdy build, it boasts an unbelievable weight of just 70 kg (boat only), contributing to improved mobility and convenience.

It employs a bottom plate and side plate that are each 1.6 mm thick, providing robustness and longevity. The transom plate is a whopping 2.0 mm thick, proving the strength of its rear side. The gunwale is at 40.0 mm, providing added support, with stiffeners at 30.0 mm ensuring the structural integrity of the vessel.

Embedded with the capability to handle a horsepower of up to 15hp, this boat ensures smooth and swift movement across any body of water. It can handle an engine mass of up to 54 kg and has an impressive maximum mass of 411 kg, revealing its considerable power. And yes, it comes with a painting option, allowing you to customize it to your liking.

Experience the Catch 365-19111. Your journey awaits.


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