Explorer 460 Dual Console-19121

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  • Length
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Transom Height
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Max hp
  • Max Engine Mass
  • Max Depth
  • Weight(Boat Only)
  • Max Load
  • Console - Steering
  • Lights - Navigation
  • Painting

This combination does not exist.

Length: 4.60M
Beam: 1.87M
Beam - bottom: 1.55M
Transom Height: 51cm
Bottom Plate: 3.0mm
Side Plate: 2.0mm
Transom Plate: 3.0mm
Gunwale: 75.0mm
Max hp: 50hp
Max Engine Mass: 111kg
Max Depth: 92cm
Weight(Boat Only): 303kg
Max Load: 511kg
Console - Steering : Mechanical with steel wheel
Lights - Navigation: Navigation and All-round lights

Introducing the Majestic Explorer 460 Dual Console-19121

Fit for the bold adventurer and the ponderous wanderer alike, the Explorer 460 Dual Console-19121 is a boat that embodies the spirit of nautical exploration wrapped in an abundance of modern flair. Each detail and specification is seamlessly assembled leading to a boat that unequivocally stands out.

Envision a boat of modest length, around 4.60M, providing you ample space without compromising movability. The boat's beam gracefully stretches to be about 1.87M. This wide span, coupled with the bottom beam of 1.55M, crafted carefully to balance stability and aesthetics. The transom reaches a notch above half a meter, diligently designed to provide a stable structural integrity.

Delving deeper, the boat's bottom plate has a thickness of around 3.0mm. With the side and transom plates being just slightly thinner, at 2.0mm and 3.0mm respectively, it ensures robustness without sacrificing smooth glides over restless waves. One of the striking features of this flawless watercraft is its gunwale, a generous 75.0mm, designed for a strong, serene water expedition.

This beauty doesn’t only offer an exquisite exterior but owns an engine demanding a second look. An extraordinary 50hp engine power, which falls on the higher end of the spectrum, makes it its owner's pride. But the best part? It’s astoundingly lightweight, boasting a modest engine mass of just around 111kg. Dare to delve deeper, and you would find that the craft can reach a depth of roughly 92cm.

Notably, the Explorer 460 Dual Console-19121 weighs light enough to not be a burden- around 303kg. But don't let this lightness fool you; it can carry a significant load of roughly 511kg. Now that's something!

The watercraft comes with an ergonomic mechanical steering console, adorned with a steel wheel. On top of all, the boat features a professional-grade navigation system accompanied by all-round lights. All of this is artistically painted, adding a flair and personal touch of the owner’s unique personality.

In essence, the Explorer 460 Dual Console-19121 is more than just a boat. It’s a compact embodiment of convenience, style, and performance- all stitched together to cater to your untamed desires for water explorations.


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