Trout 300-19121

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€ 1.00

  • Length
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Transom Height
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Stiffeners
  • Max hp
  • Max Mass
  • Painting
  • Max Depth
  • Weight(Boat Only)
  • Max engine Mass
  • Anti-Slip Floor Tape
  • Cell-foam Upholstery
  • Ladder

This combination does not exist.

Length: 3.00M
Beam: 1.40M
Beam - bottom: 1.00M
Transom Height: 38cm
Bottom Plate: 1.4mm
Side Plate: 1.4mm
Transom Plate: 2.0mm
Gunwale: 45.0mm
Stiffeners: 30.0mm
Max hp: 10hp
Max Mass: 280kg
Max Depth: 56cm
Weight(Boat Only): 48kg
Max engine Mass: 15kg

The Majestic Trout 300-19121

Enter the robust and resilient realm of the Trout 300-19121. With an imposing length of 3.00M, this aqueous beast commands substantial presence. Its dimensions are further solidified with a beam measuring 1.40M at the top, subtly tapering down to 1.00M at the bottom, creating the perfect balance of size and stability.

Brace yourself for the firm transom height of 38cm, assuring optimum support and steadfastness. Never leaving the structural integrity to questions, the bottom and side plates are expertly fortified with 1.4mm thickness. In a striking showcase of strength, the transom plate stands proud with 2.0mm thickness.

This magnificent vessel doesn't shy away from embracing its unique construction with a sizeable 45.0mm handcrafted gunwale, further reaffirmed with 30.0mm stiffeners. Such fortitude ensures this nautical marvel can accommodate a jaw-dropping max horse power of 10hp, empowering you to conquer vast expanses at will.

With a capable max mass of 280kg, the Trout 300-19121 truly stands in a league of its own. Choose to glide on the water with the option of a painted or unadorned exterior; it's your canvas.

Diving deeper into the miraculous design, we observe an impressive max depth of 56cm, an honest testament to its extraordinary capabilities. Compact with a weight of only 48kg for the boat alone, it boasts a significant engine mass capacity of up to 15kg.

Preserving its versatility and practicality, this vessel offers bespoke features based on individual preferences. The possibility of an anti-slip floor tape guarantees safety without compromising style. Imagine feeling the luxury of cell-foam upholstery beneath you, blended perfectly with each wave you ride. A handy ladder may potentially be part of this sea-faring experience should you so wish.

All in all, the Trout 300-19121 is undeniably more than meets the eye. It's a masterpiece of marine design that truly pushes the boundaries of seaward exploration and enjoyment.


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