Trout 370-19121

Trout 370-19121

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  • Length
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Transom Height
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Stiffeners
  • Max hp
  • Max Mass
  • Painting
  • Max Depth
  • Weight(Boat Only)
  • Max engine Mass
  • Anti-Slip Floor Tape
  • Cell-foam Upholstery
  • Ladder

This combination does not exist.

Length: 3.70M
Beam: 1.50M
Beam - bottom: 1.10M
Transom Height: 38cm
Bottom Plate: 1.4mm
Side Plate: 1.4mm
Transom Plate: 2.0mm
Gunwale: 45.0mm
Stiffeners: 30.0mm
Max hp: 15hp
Max Mass: 400kg
Max Depth: 65cm
Weight(Boat Only): 64kg
Max engine Mass: 60kg

The Resilient Trout 370-19121 Boat

Introducing the Trout 370-19121, a boat crafted with paramount care and precision, ensuring superior quality and longevity. With an impressive length of 3.70M and a beam that spans 1.50M across, the Trout 370-19121 promises ample space that never compromises on your freedom and mobility.

The lower structure of the boat, the bottom beam, extends about 1.10M while the transom height sits proudly at 38cm. As for the robust construct, the bottom and side plate wink at a thickness of 1.4mm, the firm and stable transom plate boasting an impressive 2.0mm thickness.

The Trout 370-19121 features an imposing gunwale of 45.0mm and incorporates 30.0mm stiffeners that fortify its structure from the inside. It snuggly accommodates a maximum horsepower of 15hp and tows up to 400kg of mass, effortlessly.

With inspiringly aligned color tones, the Trout 370-19121 stands superior in its painting scheme and whether you prefer a painted or unpainted boat, it provides you with both choices. The boat gracefully rests in water and exhibits an impressive max depth of 65cm.

Being lightweight and versatile, it weighs only 64kg without compromising on engine mass, which can hold a maximum of 60kg. The Trout 370-19121 provides options for both, having an anti-slip floor tape, as well as not having one, as per the user's preference.

This boat also caters to your comfort with the option to indulge in plush cell-foam upholstery. And if you fear heights and find ascending from water ominous, don't worry! The Trout 370-19121 lets you choose to have a ladder to make your boating experience a lot more soothing.


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