V680 Voyager Cabin-21121

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€ 1.00

  • Length
  • Beam
  • Beam - bottom
  • Depth of Hull
  • Transom Height
  • Weight (Boat Only)
  • Bottom Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Transom Plate
  • Gunwale
  • Max Engine Mass
  • Max Mass
  • Build-in Fuel Tank
  • OB HP max.
  • Underfloor fuel tank
  • Cooler box

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Length: 6.70M
Beam: 2.27M
Beam - bottom: 2.00M
Depth of Hull: 1.30M
Transom Height: 65cm
Weight (Boat Only): 1130kg
Bottom Plate: 5.0mm
Side Plate: 4.0mm
Transom Plate: 6.0mm
Gunwale: 40.0mm
Max Engine Mass: 250kg
Max Mass: 1000kg
Build-in Fuel Tank: 200
OB HP max.: 200hp
Underfloor fuel tank: 100.00M

Welcome to the world of the V680 Voyager Cabin-21121!

The V680 Voyager Cabin-21121 isn’t just your ordinary boat. It is an expression of finesse and perfection in every detail, a living example ‘fit and forget’ reliability. Picture this: an elegant boat with a stately length of 6.70M – big enough for fun-filled family getaways, but compact enough to maneuver with ease. Sitting majestically, it presents an impressive beam of 2.27M and a solid beam at the bottom measuring 2.00M.

Ever wondered what it feels like to sail seemingly over bottomless depths? Well, our Voyager gives you the feeling of floating over a challenging depth of 1.30M, daring any adventure you want to take on. And it stands tall, almost as the transom height floats at a comfortable yet firm 65cm, boasting stability to withstand any tide.

Don’t be deceived by its light weight of 1130kg – this is not a sacrifice on its tenacity. Its structure is a labyrinth of strength, with a bottom plate of 5.0mm, a side plate of 4.0mm, and a transom plate of 6.0mm. The gunwale adds to the aesthetics, standing proud and unshakeable at 40.0mm.

Power is not a compromise with our Voyager. Your engine will love the plush dwelling that accommodates up to 250kg. But it goes beyond that. It offers you a maximum mast of 1000kg, allowing you to have all the fun you need under the sun.

The Voyager remains the choicest option for water enthusiasts who know the importance of having a built-in fuel tank. Even better, you’d love the whooping 200 underwater capacity it provides. Keen on amazing horsepower? You’d love the outstanding tranquility there is in its top horsepower of 200hp – the power that enables you to navigate through the water without a hitch.

Having an underfloor fuel tank of 100.00M, you have all the fuel you need for the journey. What's more? The Voyager comes with a cooler box, making it an ideal choice for summer outings. Whether it be yes or no, a welcome addition to your boat ride experience is always assured.

Are you ready to sail the sea with the V680 Voyager Cabin-21121? The Voyager awaits you.


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